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Check out our game templates to speed up development of your game or learn how to make a specific type of game.

Sidescrolling Platformer Template

Sidescrolling Platformer Template

A starter template for creating a sidescrolling platformer game in Phaser 3.50 using Tiled tilemaps, TypeScript, and Matterjs physics. Check out the included YouTube series to learn how it was made!

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Dungeon Crawler Starter

Dungeon Crawler Starter

A starter template for creating a dungeon crawler game in Phaser 3 using Tiled tilemaps and TypeScript. Check out the included YouTube series to learn how it was made!

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Memory Match Template

Memory Match Template

A template for creating a memory game like the one found in Mario Party mini-games using Phaser 3 and modern JavaScript. Check out the included YouTube series to learn how it was made!

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🪵 Phaser 3 Fireplace Code & Assets

Phaser 3 Fireplace Code + Assets

Get the code and assets for a yule log fireplace created with Phaser 3. Easily drop it into your game or project.

Check out a live demo of the fireplace in action when you go to!

🌟 Phaser 3 Loading Animations

Phaser 3 Loading Animations

Easily add playful loading animations to your game in just a few minutes with our Phaser 3 Loading Animations!

They are built to be fast and native to Phaser 3 so you can layer them between GameObjects unlike CSS animations.

🎓 Memory Match Extras Course

Memory Match Extras Course

If you've gone through a few beginner tutorials like the ones we have at Ourcade then you are ready for this course that teaches you a few more advanced techniques and how to add some finishing touches.

That way you can show off your game with confidence! 💪

🌎 Everyone Can Make Games!

Do you have a lot of cool ideas for games and can't wait to realize them?

Have you tried a game development course only to find it so boring that you didn't finish it?

You are not alone. And the problem isn't you.

The problem is not about difficulty either. There are concepts you don't understand now but they are not anything that you can't learn.

A lot of courses are too mechanical. Games are playful and creative. It's an art.

We believe it can be done better with a playful community of kind, open-minded, and determined learners.

That's why we are building Ourcade. Join us on the journey!