Asteroids Template in Phaser 3

A template based on the classic arcade game: Asteroids. This template is open-source and available on Github.

The project is built using Phaser 3 and TypeScript. You'll need NPM to install dependencies and Parcel to run the development server. The art used is from

This template is currently Work-in-Progress and does not support touch controls.

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Following features are implemented:

  • Ship controls with arrow keys
  • Collisions with asteroids
  • Ship can fire lasers
  • Ship and asteroids wrap around game screen
  • Score is calculated based on asteroid destroyed
  • Title screen with intro animation
  • Game Over screen
  • Uses Phaser 3 Arcade Physics
  • UI buttons using Bulma and Bulmaswatch
  • JSX support via jsx-dom
  • Google Fonts support via Web Font Loader
  • Structured for maintainability and expandability

Get the full source on Github to jump start your space shooter game!

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