Dungeon Crawler Starter Template

A starter template for creating a dungeon crawler game with Phaser 3

Check out the 8.5 part YouTube series showing how this starter template was made!

The project is built using Phaser 3 and TypeScript. You'll need NPM to install dependencies and Parcel to run the development server.

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Implemented features:

  • Keyboard controls to move player
  • Different animations for left/right, up, down movement
  • Load dungeon tilemaps created in Tiled
  • Fix tile bleeding using tile extrusion
  • Create enemy lizard that moves around map
  • Allow player to throw knives using an Object Pool
  • Open treasure chests to collect coins
  • Player damaged animation effect
  • Zelda-style health meter with hearts
  • Using Tiled to layout position of chests and enemies
  • Communicate between UI and Game Scene

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