Pac-Man Starter Template

A starter template for creating a Pac-Man-style game in Phaser 3 and TypeScript.

Check out the 6 part YouTube series showing how the ghost AI's were coded!

This template has a basic maze loaded from a tilemap created with Tiled. The 4 original ghost AI behaviors are implemented using a State Pattern. This project was created using the phaser3-typescript-parcel-template.

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Implemented features:

  • Keyboard controls to move player
  • Maze design via Tilemap created visually with Tiled
  • Tint-able assets to generate different level colors
  • Movement respecting maze walls with Arcade Physics
  • Pellet eating by hero
  • Blinky' Chase AI
  • Pinky's Intercept AI
  • Inky's Flank AI
  • Clyde's Eclectic AI...
  • Scatter AI for all ghosts
  • State Pattern for creating and using AI behaviors
  • Screen wrap around for hero and ghosts
  • Debug targeting indicators to check AI logic

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